Types of Stakers on Next-Generation NavExM

Have you ever heard of an exchange that offers you cashback to trade cryptocurrency? NavExM is a Crypto Exchange that offers you the same!

NavExM is the next-generation crypto exchange, developed with an aim to offer the world’s most rewarding crypto trading experience. The platform has its native utility token, i.e., which is used to settle all the trades on NavExM.

NavC acts as the underlying currency of the exchange and makes all the rewarding benefits possible on the exchange.

NavC Utility on NavExM
NavC is the bloodline of NavExM Crypto Exchange. As mentioned above, it acts as the underlying currency of the exchange. The Automated Market Maker (AMM) ensures that all the transactions happening on the exchange pass through the NavC token itself.

The total token supply is locked at 112.5 billion. Out of which, only 0.02% will be available to trade in the open market, and 88.9% will be locked in NavExM for the smooth functioning of the trade engine.
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