Protect your Trademark in the United States of America in 3 easy steps!

Protect your brand, combat copycats, and set yourself apart from the competition with our United States of America trademark services starting at just $99

Protect Your Brand Identity

A trademark is a surefire way to keep imitators at bay. By protecting your business name, slogan, logo (and more!) from cloning, you can ensure your marketing budget brings traffic to you – not those sneaky copycats.

Build Trust

You’re seeking loyal customers. Loyal customers are looking for brands they trust. That’s where we come in. Trademark Registration is essential in building customer loyalty, communicating that you have taken steps to safeguard your intellectual property.

Combat Infringement

Brand registration won’t just protect your reputation. You’ll have free rein to go head-to-head with anyone who attempts to imitate your business, with the legal documents to back you up.