Navigating India's Renewable Energy Landscape: A Study on NPAs in RE Projects | Eninrac Reports

Exploring India's Renewable Energy Financing: Challenges & NPAs. Debt for 1.3GW RTC Project and Lender Dynamics. India cognizant enough of non-performing assets (NPAs) wave building for (RE) Renewable Energy Projects? As per eninrac team the Indian power sector accounts for almost half the credit to the infrastructure sector and is a top drawer from the banks and lending institutions. Further, in the power sector, the renewable sector itself witnessed a massive spurt in FDI volume and has seen an inflow of $ 3.22 Billion in a span of four years from FY17 to FY21. Having said so, such tune of investments already being done and with envisaged aggressive targets of capacity additions being set by GoI calls for a further escalation in the tune. But given the struggles in the recent past by the Renewable Energy power generation companies in getting a seamless cash flow from the power distribution utilities is a grave challenge that pose a threat of India sitting on a wave of RE NPAs as well. The situation is indeed grim and as a country wherein our banking system is fragile and creating a massive set of NPAs from Renewable Energy sector may prove to be the death knell for it.