MarTech Interview with Phil Portman, Founder and CEO at Textdrip

Phil, please let us know the idea behind the inception of Textdrip and what obstacles you face.
At Textdrip, we saw a common trend in CRMs—email took the spotlight, leaving SMS as an afterthought. We observed that while website visitors often entered email drip campaigns upon form submissions, the dismal 10% open rate of emails paled in comparison to SMS’s staggering 98% open rate. Applying the 80/20 rule, where focusing on the vital 20% generates 80% results, we recognized the potential for significantly better outcomes with text messaging. Hence, we centered Textdrip on SMS, placing it at the core and designing everything around it.
When visitors seek information on your website, they’re automatically enrolled in a Textdrip campaign. Our foundation rests on using the most effective communication for optimal response rates. This focus has fueled substantial growth for our users, translating into financial gains, improved customer engagement, and enhanced response rates. An example I often cite is the disparity between unread emails and texts on your phone. Most individuals have a flood of unread emails but minimal unread texts—showcasing the immediacy and effectiveness of text messages, the very principle Textdrip is built upon.

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