Interview about MarTech with RiseOpp's President and Marketing Expert, Kaveh Vahdat

In planning long-term budgets around fractional marketing efforts, what strategies or approaches do you suggest to ensure efficiency and effectiveness?
We usually want to strike a balance between channels that have the potential for generating quick results, such as Google Ads and paid social, and channels that offer more defensibility, competitive advantage, and better ROI long-term, such as organic traffic through SEO.
Whether it’s a startup or an established company with sizable revenues, you shouldn’t focus on all marketing channels all at once, there are more than 18 online marketing channels alone, and you need to prioritize. Identifying the right channels, proper prioritization, and a plan to test those, is an important part of a Fractional CMO’s job, and accordingly one of the first steps we take at RiseOpp.
What specialties do fractional CMOs bring to startups that may not be readily available with a full-time hire?
Setting aside the high cost of hiring a full-time CMO and higher affordability of hiring a Fractional CMO instead, hiring a Fractional CMO has a few benefits:
• A Fractional CMO is working with a few companies at any given time. This reduces the bias and groupthink, broadens the perspective of the Fractional expert, and allows for more out-of-the-box ideas.
• Working with multiple entities also provides more insights about trending marketing channels or special challenges. For example, at RiseOpp, we have access to Google Search Consoles of many companies in different industries. When Google pushes a new update, we have a first-hand understanding of the changes based on analysis of the data. This then translates to insights to communicate to our Fractional CMOs and their clients about the SEO best practices based on the most recent updates.

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