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Kiwabi's Hair Color Treatment is easy to use at-home and safe for sensitive skin. Cover gray hairs with a hydrating coat of color with a natural, lustrous finish. Shop Now

Kiwabi's Hair Color Treatment deeply hydrates and nurtures tired, dry, dull hair and scalp while coating each hair strand with a layer of hydrating color that evenly covers grays, all while sealing open cuticles to help it close and heal.

Mess-free, fragrance-free and easy to use, you can build up the coverage with each use and control the depth of color. Spot coloring in specific areas (roots, face line, etc.) is ok as the formula blends in so naturally.

The gentle, irritant-free cream Color Treatment can be used as frequently, or as long as desired without any worry about drying out the hair or scalp, although the color lasts 1.5 to 2 weeks.

22 botanical extracts and oils nourish the hair & scalp for a naturally youthful, lustrous and smooth finish.

Dermatologist approved and safe on sensitive skin.