Gavi Seeks $11.9 Billion for Vaccine Funding

The global vaccine organization Gavi is aiming for approximately $11.9 billion from governments and foundations, which would be critical financing it needs for the 2026-2030 period, hopefully underpinning immunization in the poorest countries. The final amount will be finalized on Thursday in Paris by donors pledging funds toward Gavi’s ambitious plan.

From that amount of cash, the African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator will launch a scheme worth $1 billion on Thursday aimed at boosting production on the continent to help it be more self-sufficient on vaccines.

Gavi’s Impact on Immunization
Gavi supports low-income countries in the purchase of vaccines for the immunization of children against deadly diseases. With Gavi’s support, an estimated one billion children have been immunized since 2020. This figure is simply astounding and underlines their critical contribution to global health.