Explosion Proof Work Light: "Get the Job Done Safely in Hazardous Conditions"

SharpEagle boasts our cutting-edge Explosion Proof Work Light, crafted to offer dependable and bright lighting in dangerous working conditions. Our work light has been designed to prevent any incidents of fire or explosions, making it the optimal choice for demanding job sites.

Key features:

Zone 1&2, Zone 21&22.
Die-cast aluminum housing with epoxy coated for a beautiful appearance.
The lighting angle can be adjusted by 120 degrees. The bottom of the light box is equipped with easy-to-move wheels.
The lamp head can be adjusted up and down, with 360° rotation full range of lighting.
Use an air pump or manual valve to control the lift.

Ensure the safety of your workers and equipment with our Explosion Proof Work Light. Whether you need it for a large-scale job site or a smaller, more specialized task, our work light is the perfect solution for bright, reliable lighting in hazardous environments. Contact us today to learn more about our product and upgrade your work environment. Protect your workers and your bottom line with SharpEagle.

You can call us at +971-45549547 or mail us at sales@sharpeagle.uk