Explore The Miraculous Story Of Om Banna Temple Chotila – Jodhpur Day Tour

The “Om Banna Temple Mystery” refers to the phenomenon surrounding the shrine dedicated to Shri Om Banna, also known as Bullet Baba, near the town of Pali in Rajasthan, India. The mystery revolves around the belief that the motorcycle belonging to Om Singh Rathore, who died in a road accident at that spot, miraculously returns to the site every time it’s removed.

The story goes that in 1988, Om Singh Rathore, also known as Om Banna, was riding his motorcycle when he lost control and crashed into a tree. Following the accident, local authorities reportedly removed the motorcycle and took it to a nearby police station. However, the next morning, the motorcycle was found back at the accident site.

Despite repeated attempts to tow the motorcycle away and even chain it, it continued to return to the spot. This mysterious phenomenon led to the belief among locals that Om Singh Rathore’s spirit inhabited the motorcycle, and it became a revered object of worship.