ESG Agencies in India – PGSEPL

Through a strategic undertaking with some of the leading ESG Agencies in India, PGS Energy Pvt. Ltd. (PGSEPL) commits itself to fulfilling more of its sustainability responsibilities. These agencies are experts in evaluating a company's ESG performance and in doing so have been able to provide a detailed account of how the company's environmental impacts, social concerns, and corporate governance function.

In doing so, PGSEPL makes clear that it is fully involved in the transparency and responsible business rules of India through ESG agencies, thereby giving evidence of its commitment to these. Vigorous evaluations and evaluative mechanisms are applied by these bureaus to understand which parts of the PGSEPL demand improvement and anti-sustainability strategies to be employed.

PGS-EPL believes that ESG bodies act as a guiding force for the successful implementation of sustainable development in India, thus propelling positive change in India. This close partnership with the agencies is proof of PGSEPL's understanding of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and running a business under ethical principles in the Indian business landscape.