Durry Udhyog In Rajasthan – Roopraj Prajapati

Roopraj prajapati was hunched over a half finished dhurrie, his deft fingers, honed by nine grnerations of weaving legacy, flying across the loom to complete the remaining half. Durry Udhyog In Jodhpur Rajasthan, “the best dhurries could take up to a month to finish,” he explained, after welcoming us to his home in salawas village in jodhpur distice of rajasthan. he offered us bottled water. he had quit school after 7th standard, he said. no, let me put that in quotes. “I quit school after 7th standard,”he said, in precise English superior to the shaky efforts of the travel guide who shepherded us into the boonies.“I wanted to preserve the legacy of prajapatis, the weaing clan that I come from.” Durry Udhyog In Jodhpur Rajasthan.