Why Buy LinkedIn Aged Accounts Can Be Risky
While buying aged LinkedIn accounts can provide huge benefits like instant authority and credibility, it’s important to understand that there are some risks involved if not done properly.

When you buy LinkedIn aged accounts from unreliable sources or through sketchy sellers, you open yourself up to a number of potential issues:

• The accounts could be fake or created through fraudulent means, violating LinkedIn’s terms of service and putting you at risk of getting banned.

• You may receive an account with little to no actual profile history or activity, defeating the entire purpose of buying aged accounts.

• The aged account may already be flagged or on the verge of being restricted by LinkedIn for suspicious activity.

• You could fall victim to a scam, paying for aged accounts that never get delivered or weren’t legitimately obtained.

• Without proper handover of ownership details, you may not gain full control and customization abilities for the aged account.

Simply put, if you buy aged LinkedIn accounts through untrustworthy sellers promising something too good to be true, chances are very high that it is in fact…too good to be true!