Author: Wild honey hunters

Paalai poo honey helps our digestive system by strengthening the digestive secretions which plays a major role in extracting the complete nutrition from the food. While we eat healthy food... Read More

Oral cavities contain millions of microorganisms, some of which may cause minor to major health issues. Oral hygiene is most important for maintaining overall health as well as preventing gum... Read More

Consuming honey was a common traditional medicine in ancient times. It contains an Anti Inflammatory agent that stimulates the B and T Lymphocytes in our cell structure, which induces the... Read More

Ginger in honey is a concoction made with ginger and honey.The medicinal benefits of both are combined. Ginger is a well-known spice used in our daily life. Honey has propertiesto... Read More

Cavity honey can be found in rock holes, hollow dead tree trunks, and termite bursts. Cavity honey is produced by Apis Cerena, a small bee variety. In General, it builds... Read More

The Thumbai plant is also referred as thumbai found across India and Philippines. It is a medicinal pant. The leaves and flowers of thumbai plant are edible parts of plant... Read More

The rare, unique and tasty honey combs are selected/handpicked, squeezed and packed separately in a hand crafted way to perfection which is called Single hive honey. Every hive is collected... Read More

Indian Stingless bees also called in the name of Dammer bees are one of the world’s smallest and rarest honey bee colonies. The stingless bee are found small in size... Read More