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Emmanuel Katto has watched as Ugandan motorsport has developed and changed, realizing the ongoing obstacles it must overcome. With a devoted fan base and a history of developing outstanding players,... Read More

The "Emka Foundation," which was founded by Emmanuel Katto, is an organization that primarily focuses on the lives of underprivileged children in society. The principal aim of this foundation is... Read More

"Emka," Emmanuel Katto, is a rally driver who is well-known for his daring driving style and engaging demeanor in most of East and Southern Africa. In the region's motorsport corridors,... Read More

Through his foundation, Emka (Emmanuel Katto) aspires to change the lives of impoverished children by educating them in a way that will help them develop the discipline and character necessary... Read More

Emmanuel Katto has been a witness to the development and evolution of racing in Uganda, seeing the persistent obstacles it must overcome. In Uganda, the sport has a rich history,... Read More

Emmanuel Katto is a multifaceted business magnet who enjoys rallying, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. He has made his mark in several African businesses and aligned his objectives with the continent's development.... Read More

The history of motorsport in Uganda is forever marked by the tale of Emmanuel Katto. EMKA is a well-known track star who personifies the thrill and energy of the sport... Read More

A memorable chapter in Ugandan motorsport history is the tale of Emmanuel Katto. EMKA epitomizes the excitement and passion of the sport, known for his audacious moves on the track... Read More

Kudos for joining forces with Sanyu Babies Home and Emmanuel Katto Uganda! Emmanuel Katto Uganda has taken significant steps to improve the lives of those who are most in need.... Read More