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Rama Devi, also known as Ramadevi Choudhury, was a social reformer and a liberation fighter for India. The Odias referred to her as Maa (Mother). She inspired the naming of... Read More

In Odisha, a special rite known as Sudasha Brata or Sudasa Vrata is practised. Sudasha Brata is celebrated when the uncommon occurrences of Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the... Read More

Gaan Ra Daka Written By Bhubaneswar Behera.In the village of Kashibahal, in the former province of Kalahandi, Behera was born into a Brahmin family. His education at Bhawanipatna culminated... Read More

A traditional Hindu book known as the Astabakra Geeta or Song of Ashtavakra is a dialogue between the sage Ashtavakra and Janaka, king of Mithila. The Ashtavakra Gita is... Read More

In Odisha, Bata Osha is observed during the month of Pousha. (in between December-January, according to English calendar). It is also referred to as Yama Osha or Danda Pahanra Osha.The... Read More

In the world of Odia fiction literature, Binapani Mohanty has made a name for herself. With the release of "Gotie Ratira Kahani" in 1960, she officially started her literary career... Read More

Every individual on earth who is familiar with the "Odia" language has read "Chhabila Madhu Barnabodha," a fundamental book. Children's novel "Chhabila Madhu Barnabodha" teaches them the fundamentals of the... Read More

Odia Book Na Hanyate By Maitreeya Devi.The central premise of the tale is that Mircea Eliade, then 23 years old, travelled to Calcutta in 1929 to learn with renowned Indian... Read More

One of the major characters in the Hindu epic Mahbhrata is Karna, also known by the names Vasusena, Anga-raja, and Radheya. He is a demigod of royal descent and the... Read More