Author: Anusha

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Tamizh, a prosperous IT professional from Chidambaram, travels to Haridwar by rail with his child. Bharathi boarded the train as it left Haridwar with the assistance of Tamizh. As they... Read More

There was widespread outrage over the death of a young lady who had suffered alleged rape over two years ago and a journalist from Kerala named Siddique Kappan was imprisoned... Read More

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Star Maa airs the Telugu TV series, Guppedantha Manasu. You may watch it on YuppTV as well. Mukesh Gowda, Raksha Gowda, Gopal Shyam, Sai Kiran, Vasanthi, Balaji, Usha Sri, Jyothi... Read More

A historical play with elements of love, wickedness, and revenge is Swarna Khadgam. After his father passes away, Raja Mahendran is crowned king. This country had a Rajamatha who had... Read More

Nethra is a fictional Supernatural television program in the Telugu language. Sudipta Banerjee and Shivani Tomar portray the show's title characters, and Prem Jacob and Bharadwaj play crucial supporting parts. The... Read More