A Complete Guide Of IGNOU Programmes in 2024

IGNOU offers a Bachelor of Science (Applied Science-Energy), a 3-year undergraduate programme. The medium of study is English.

The applications of the B.Sc. Applied Science in the field of energy. Developing renewable energy resources along with an efficient, economical and environment-friendly conversion process is a global challenge.

It provides deep insight into the Mathematical and Industrial Statistical theorems and principles as well as Thermal Energy Systems, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Biomass, Geothermal, Tidal and Wave Energy, Hydrogen & Fuel cells etc along with energy conversion and conservation techniques.

In tune with the NEP 2020, this program also offers exit options to the learners as Certificate, Diploma and Degree in the relevant areas along with a Major in Energy and a Minor in Statistics after completion of the different requisite numbers of credits in specified courses.